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The BMS I-O Academy website is an online portal
for UK and Irish healthcare professionals only.
It contains promotional information about BMS
pharmaceutical products.

BMS I-O Academy Resources

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Insights from experts
in immuno-oncology

Hear insights from other oncologists on the management and monitoring of irARs, optimising service design and clinical experience with immunotherapy agents.

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Core data

View core data slide decks
including follow-up and safety
data for different clinical trials.

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View previous webinars
delivered by experts
in immuno-oncology.

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Management of
immune-related adverse
reactions (irARs)

View slide decks on the management
of toxicities related to immunotherapy.
Develop your knowledge by completing
interactive cases studies related
to the
management of irARs.

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Oncology nurse

Use slide decks and mode
of action videos to understand the
fundamentals of immuno-oncology.

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